Saturday, June 21, 2014

Week two of summer vacation is on the books....

Some things about this summer (so far). 

My son is almost always missing.  I felt an urge to pull out his Cub Scout book for some summer enrichment. If he comes home, that is.  I often feel that if I were just a schmidge more creative, a tad more interactive and a mite more organized that I could get him involved in a project a day that would keep him around and keep him learning. 

My Mom came to visit and it was just lovely. I have to admit, I made her drive a high and windy gravel road just for the fun seeing her reaction.  It really was the next best thing to riding a roller coaster with my Mom, which is a life experience I will forever be grateful for.   Oh, the tears of laughter.   We also hiked, explord, swam, visited and ate. A lot. In fact, I cooked dinner almost every night she was here.  A modern day miracle I tell you. 

There were a lot of smiles and fun times during her week with us and I have to say that I am really enjoying this process of getting to know the person that she is, the one that was hidden for so long. 

Eden turned twelve (!!!!!????) while her a grandma was in town, and to celebrate they watched 37 episodes of Alfrred Hitchcock Presents together.   There were a fair number of Little Debbie's involved, and several hand made  dish cloths  to add to my pile.    

Kenneth received a last minute work assignment to teach a course in Portland next week.... So guess where  this mom is headed?  Portlandia, of course. I am looking forward to a week of exploring with my little summer camp entourage.  

A few years ago when we spent the entire summer in Portland it was a daily occurrence to be asked by random people if I ran a daycare. It dawned on me that to these city folk saw my rainbow of children, and that there were SO MANY OF THEM and could only assume that I was tending the children of others. For cash. 

Funnier still is that when we went to Utah after that, people who cared to comment on my crew would almost always mention adoption. Four children is status quo over there in the jello belt. No one blinks an eye.

News that some prominent LDS people in social media are up for excommunication has dominated my Facebook feed this week.   Google "John Dehlin" or "Kate Kelly" if you want the details. 

Here is a little tidbit I became aware of in this horrifying "Mormon Moment"..... a man, when excommunication is a possibility, attends a church court of 12-15 people including the Stake Presidency, several high councilmen and some brethren who are there to provide evidence on behalf of the person whose neck is on the line. 

For a woman, however, she attends a smaller meeting with no one else but her bishopric there. And no one is there to advocate on her behalf. 

I may be status quo for my large family and my deep rooted desire to can fruit, but there is so much about the way I live and express my Mormonism that is  far from status quo... And I have to say, I am scared.  

Which I consider ridiculous.  Because what is an almost-39-year-old woman doing in a place that makes her scared to be who she is?  

I always thought when I got to this stage in life that I would have a lot more answers than I actually do. 

I have to share this poem because it speaks to my Mormon heart...after which we will adjourn to the cultural hall where light refreshments will be served. 

Pioneers - Carol Lynn Pearson
My people were Mormon pioneers.
Is the blood still good?
They stood in awe as truth
Flew by like a dove
And dropped a feather in the West.
Where truth flies you follow
If you are a pioneer.
I have searched the skies
And now and then
Another feather has fallen.
I have packed the handcart again
Packed it with the precious things
And thrown away the rest.
I will sing by the fires at night
Out there on uncharted ground
Where I am my own captain of tens
Where I blow the bugle
Bring myself to morning prayer
Map out the miles
And never know when or where
Or if at all I will finally say,
“This is the place,”
I face the plains
On a good day for walking.
The sun rises
And the mist clears.
I will be all right:
My people were Mormon Pioneers.


Rachel said...

I just wanted to point out that actually most disciplinary councils take place at the ward level with just the bishop and two counselors present whether it is a man or a woman. The stake presidency and high council are required for when it is a man holding higher levels of priesthood office or church position. If an advocate is needed they are available for both men and women.

Lacy Henry said...

I have to say I agree with most of what you've said Betina. I've always felt like I didn't 'fit the mold'. And now that I've actually chosen not to have children I don't fit in even more. Its scary when you believe the religion, but you don't agree with the majority of your Church.

Sarah said...

You should not be afraid. Faith is the opposite of fear. Trust in God and He will not falter, though the humans around you might. Doubts led Joseph to a grove where He saw God - that's all I need to know to feel okay with what is happening.
Also, I would recommend NOT forming an organization whose mission is to 'change' the church to fit their own mold by using the media and attempts at public humiliation. Just saying.

Nawana said...

It's crazy to think that a person such as Clive Bundy receives no recourse for his actions as a Mormon on a public forum, than Kate Kelly.

Eve said...

Kate Kelly did nothing wrong. She committed no deadly sins. She is strong, she is intelligent, she is opinionated,and she is a women... I think the men of the church are scared of her and thus the excommunication verdict. More women should strive to be like Kate Kelly. This is only going to drive women like Kate Kelly away from the church.... when really the church needs more women like her if things are ever going to change.