Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2014 - 1975 = 39

We left Mo's Chowder House with our bellies full of butter laden clam chowder and, for me, fish tacos.  

The kids' hair was full of sand from an afternoon of frolicking on the beach and it had started to rain.  It's the Oregon Coast, so of course it started to rain. 

Three of my four chickadees ran up beside me for some warming snuggles. Ivy was full of "thank you for taking us to the beach and thank you for the licorice and thank you for buying us a nice dinner and thank you for the snuggles". Oakley (who will be taller than me by December if not sooner) was crawling all over me because I guess I am no longer big enough to give him the snuggle input he requires, and Georgia was shivering cold, clinging to my thigh.   

Eden held off a bit. But when we strolled down to the edge of Cannon Beach to the tune of "DO NOT GET MORE SAND IN YOUR HAIR I MEAN IT" She put her head on my shoulder for just a moment.

"Happy Birthday Mom".  

Then she was off. 

Gods gift to me on the thirty ninth anniversary of my life on this earth was an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the four. 





Very different, unique, challenging, beautiful and great children who all call me Mom. 

And this guy is alright too. I guess. 

Life gets a little bit better each day. 

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Ramblin' On said...

happy birthday to a beautiful, thoughtful, and loving friend.