Saturday, May 17, 2014


At Nawana and Jared's wedding neither party was required to take a step down. 

No one had to promise to obey or to hearken.

No one had to give themselves away in an unequal  compromise.

Anyone who loved her could be there, regardless of whether or not they met a rigid standard of conduct.

They were there because they love them and that is all. 

They were married under the beautiful sun, where thy wanted to be.

They defied the constraints  of relentless tradition because it was just too much. 

They pledged their commitment to each other equally and honestly using words that came from their hearts. 

This is the least religious wedding ceremony I have been to and it's the most beautiful to date.  Peace, happiness, and yes, the Spirit of God like a fire was burning.  

Congratulations NuNu and Jared!!!

I hope you continue to forge your way through life in the same way you came to this moment.  Thinking with your mind, feeling with your heart, discarding the baggage that weighs many of us down. 

(photos courtesy of their wedding album)

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ash said...

I love your blog, and this is one of my favorite posts. What a beautiful and smart sister of yours, I like her so much already.