Tuesday, January 14, 2014

But He Still Didn't Pass the MSP Math Test

Oakley sleeps with his calculator, a couple of stuffed monkeys and  the random fact book that Uncle Bill et al sent him for Christmas (thanks guys, he loves it as you can see). 

After basketball practice tonight and a nice long tubbie, he got jammied up and hopped into bed.  

"Yes!!" he exclaimed, with the sort of enthusiasm and vowel elongation typically reserved for making the game shot, "multiplication time!"  

In the morning he will emerge as he has several mornings in a row now, quizzing us loudly over monster pancakes...

"19x19??!!!  361!"
"13x7??!!  91!!"
"7x15??!! 105!!!"

Please note that I had to pull out my phone to perform those calculations, while he just rattles them off verbatim. Rain Man much?

I'm not sure what this means. Except that I really love this kid.  Info fact, I love him even more than I don't understand him, if this is even possible.  

I really wish I could sit down and have a long discussion with his birth parents.  Perhaps there would be information to glean that would make the relationship between Oakley and I less of a puzzle. Or maybe I would just thank them again and again for this gift of a boy. 

Being Oakley's Mom is an educational learning process fastened securely to the deepest part of my heart and soul. 

...this post is brought to you by my newly renewed effort to avoid social media and actually write something down. 

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Corinne Baird said...

Maybe he's the next Einstein or Edison. They had a rough time with "normal" too. : )